There are two main ways that the $FLORK token supports the Florkinomics ecosystem: Governance and Utility. The token is designed to give holders power within the DAO, grant access to web3.0 dapps, and reward those who are invested.


All holders of the $FLORK token have voting power within the DAO. Those with the required amount of tokens can make proposals for the community to vote on and the developers enact upon approval. Please check the previous section on the DAO for more information.


There are two ways in which the token grants utility to the ecosystem: passive and active.


Holders of NFTs and the token are granted rewards to incentivize holding and buying more. The holder may claim them direct from the Florkinomics website whenever they feel like doing so. The tokenomics of the token also grants the project a proper budget to fund marketing and the liquidity pool.


The other way that $FLORK is used for utility is as payment for the dapps the team develops. Whether the user wants to try one of the games created by the team, participate in exclusive events, or register for guaranteed merchandise, there will be many ways for holders to use and pledge their tokens. There is a limited supply of $FLORK and they will be in high demand for the utilities found in the Florkinomics ecosystem.