Florkinomics is a cryptocurrency project comprised of a token ($FLORK), an NFT collection (Colored Florks or $CFLORKS), and various downstream and integrated utilities.

Flork Fans!

Florkinomics was created as way to share Flork of Cows comics, parodies, and derivative art/culture to the crypto community through the use of blockchain technologies (Token, NFTS, and Web3 Dapps).

The Plan

The project intends to establish a line of communication with the creator of the series through widespread exposure to both crypto and non-crypto audiences, and to earn his support as we make Flork of Cows the biggest meme on the planet.

Flork: The Meme

The primary utility of a memecoin is the meme itself and the abstraction it offers for the public. In other words, since all currencies are merely symbolic, it is the symbol that matters. If the meme is loved and adopted, a community can be built around it. Once this reaches critical mass, the other utilities associated with the currency are relatively arbitrary. This is where true freedom of creation becomes possible, and everybody wins.