Thanks to the innovative tokenomics of the $FLORK token, the ecosystem can be sustained. Before buying $FLORK please read the following and get informed.

Token Supply

  • 1,000,000,000,000,000 FLORKIN
  • 4 BNB initial liquidity added
  • 94% of supply added to initial liquidity
  • 2% of supply saved for development/dapps
  • 4% of supply saved for future exchanges/partnerships

Token Taxes

  • 6% on BUYS/SELLS
  • 0% on TRANSFERS
  • 2% of every BUY/SELL is turned into staking Reflections, that are accumulated and then manually sent to staking pools for $FLORK and $CFLORK holders, as a reward for their support.
  • 1% of every BUY/SELL is added to the Liquidity Pool to ensure stable price action.
  • 3% of every BUY/SELL/TRANSFER contributes to the Marketing Budget to bring the project external exposure and internal support.

Unique LP Function:

During every hour that a transaction occurs, 0.25% of the supply contained in the LP will be burned. This will reduce the supply slowly and increase the price of $FLORK.
Note: Taxes and Token Supply can be changed as a result of a majority vote in the FLORKDAO. The whitepaper will be updated as necessary. Contract Address: