Mission and Values


Investors and community members should have insight into a project's processes to establish trust. With blockchain technology users are able to view everything that happens across all of the services of Florkinomics.


The team are known in the BSC community and are committed to KYC and audit services to increase trust. At appropriate times, all members of the team will publicly identify themselves. Any legal/civil action brought upon the project will be the responsibility of the team.


With smart contract technology, all of our services are as decentralized as possible on Binance Smart Chain. This allows for a community-driven economy with those members guiding the direction and success of the project.

Community Focused

At the very core of every DEFI project is the vibrant community that supports it. Through FLORKDAO and daily interaction with the community, the team can continue to deliver services and events, guided by user's input. In this way Florkinomics will create the most effective content and services.