NFT Utility

The Colored Florks NFT Collection have many utilities live and in development to increase both value to holders and volume of sales.

BNB Rewards

There are three main ways holders receive BNB rewards; Mint revenue, token fee, and mint lottery. Mint Revenue: 50% of minting revenue is automatically redistributed in BNB back to existing holders of Colored Florks NFTs Token Fee: 2% of all transactions on the Florkin bep20 token are gathered for NFT and token staking rewards.

Mint Lottery:

Every 100 NFTs minted, one of the minters in that batch of 100 NFTs will win 1 BNB. Each transaction hash is entered into a prize drawing and the reward is presented live to the winner.


Our innovative decentralized autonomous organization allows for holders of both Colored Flork NFTs and Florkin token to shape the Florkinomics ecosystem with the governance power bestowed upon them. Every NFT holds the equivalent voting power of holding 0.07% of the total supply of FLORKIN. This means that governance power can be greatly increased through the acquisition of Colored Flork NFTs both through minting and the secondary market.

NFT Buybot

The team has developed an advanced telegram bot that displays a Colored Flork after minting. After the minter may use the bots built in rarity dapp to view how rare their nft and its assets are. The amazing NFT buybot makes the whole process of minting and owning NFTs easier and more accessible for all. Other NFT projects may contact the team to set up their own version of the bot. Proceeds will fund the project and developer.